News flash: “Expanding Toxic Egosystem threatens Planet: Millions of People in Peril.”

News flash: “Expanding Egosystem threatens Planet: Millions in Peril.”

An “egosystem” is a state of being when a person’s world is an impervious centre of the universe with all other action, energy, and ideas revolving around it. Indeed, when the occasional meteor of insight actually breaks through the protective egosystem membrane, protective forces immediately transform that insight into “mysight.”

You’ve seen this yourself. Especially with those in positions of influence and power (usually positional leadership where the power is granted because of position). Those in positional leadership who live exploding planetwithin their self-constructed egosystem also display what psychologists term “hedonistic adaptation,” described by psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky as, “the joys of loves and triumphs and the sorrows of losses and humiliations fade with time.” Basically, in really simple terms, it means that after a while we can get used to even the best or worst of things. But then, especially with good things, they become just average things and we hunger for more.

We all experience hedonistic adaptation (`That 90-inch TV was really cool. But now I see there`s a 1,000- inch TV! I must have that!). Our total misery comes when we work with someone who lives in an egosystem and then reaches a level of hedonistic adaptation. It`s no longer enough to be self-absorbed, to either dismiss others`ideas or deconstruct them into their own, and to live in a protective cocoon of positional power. After a while, all that seems just so normal!

So, an egosystem, like an ecosystem, doesn`t stay static. It grows, but unlike an ecosystem, it doesn`t grow through adaptation and cooperation. It grows through even stronger displays of positional power, developing an even stronger impervious protective shield to protect it from sharp new ideas and the “attack“of innovation, change, and transformation.

Signs of an egosystem reaching a state of hedonic adaptation? Fear of, and violent dismissal of contradictory ideas or facts; isolation from anyone other but those of equal or higher position or power; a driving need to issue demands and orders no matter how outlandish or irrelevant; and an aching dry thirst for high status and recognition.

Protection from an egosystem in a stage of hedonic adaptation? Remember, you’re ok–it’s the egosystem in a state of solar flare-up that is definitely the problem. It is easy to suddenly think that your skills, your behaviors, your thinking is suddenly wonky in the wake of an emerging egosystem. Don’t think that. This is a time to show resiliency to the expanding egosystem by aligning with those who support you and are equally feeling victimized, to know it’s okay to vent to trusted ones about how you feel, and to create your own protective shield by doing what you do, by looking after both your emotional and physical health, and to as much as possible avoid the period of expanding egosystems.

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