The wobbly wheels of Trump’s action bus

The Action Alignment Lens is showing that president-elect Donald Trump is driving the USA forward on very wobbly wheels with more than a few bodies of thought being thrown under the bus.

The Action Alignment Lens (AL) shows if the purpose and need of actions are aligned with how the majority define the values within their culture, if an organization’s structure supports the actions, if  existing systems of responsibility and accountability are in sync with the actions, and if the emotional climate including levels of satisfaction and morale are bolstered by the purpose, need, urgency, and accountability measures of the action. action-alignment-wheel

Applying AL to the windstorm of appointments, tweets, announcements, hiccups, and ramblings of Trump and his associates is very easy.

  1. Pick a recent action or announcement by the president-elect (any will do). This is No. 5 on the AL chart.
  2. Now measure that action against steps 1 to 4 on the wheel. Use a scale like 1=not at all, 2=maybe, and 3=a lot. Or make up your own scale using what you think are appropriate descriptors.
  3. For example, will placing into cabinet a rabid anti-environmentalist and climate-change denier to oversee the Environmental Protection Agency boost the climate of public satisfaction with government policy and raise our collective morale? How about affecting systems of responsibility and accountability? And what will such a decision mean to the structure of the EPA?
  4. The EPA example is also a good one to measure against America’s culture of values, beliefs and what gets rewarded/punished. See a change coming?

If your self-designed scale for the Action Alignment Lens produces not just low but subterranean results then it’s clear that the action has a misaligned purpose, the need is serving a very select few, the urgency is equally coming from the well-heeled minority, and the odds of any accountable measures are zilch. Generally in such cases the result follows the predictable continuum of public fear, anger, organization and counter-action.


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