Trusted boss=great communicator

At a time when companies of all sizes are looking to build trust with customers, the public, and employees, my research confirms that the most trusted bosses are those with strong communication and listening skills.

two talkingMy research of almost 1,000 employees asked them to rate 21 factors related to job satisfaction including a manager’s communication skills, being open to new ideas, having strong ethics, being knowledgeable and experienced, and holding employees accountable.

Topping the list of what employees rated as the most important skills a manager could have were treating employees fairly, being a good listener, someone who can be trusted, and having excellent overall communication skills.  They key finding was that the skills were all tightly inter-related, meaning that doing well in one area can improve other areas as well.

Case in point, the data shows a very tight link between being trusted, having excellent communication skills, being a good listener, having a clear vision, and being ethical.

The really good news is that the major skills of trusted leadership can in many (not all) cases be taught. And the big payoff is having higher employee job satisfaction which usually translates into happier customers and clients.


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